Welcome To Suttons Envelopes - The complete envelope specialist

Introducing Suttons Envelopes Limited. We are what is on the "box", an envelope supplier. We do not supply printer cartridges, fax supplies, desks or pens etc., just ENVELOPES. Why? Because it is a complete, specialist market, all on its own.

We associate an envelope with that little white or brown thing that drops through our front door most days of the week. At worse it contains a bill or some notification from HM Government that they are going to remove further hard earned cash from our pockets, at best it may contain an invitation to a family function, notification that you have won a prize in a competition you had forgotten you even entered, or it may be a letter from a long lost friend or relative. Then there are the marketing campaigns. Whatever the use, billions upon billions of these things are used every year, but are we getting the best out of them?

We are here to guide you through the minefield. With our vast experience we can offer advice on the right sizes, material, styles, closures and print etc. Offer advice on the best ways to mail your items to ensure that your mail is handled efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. A few millimetre larger than required could add £,000's to your mailing bill, or a tad too small could result in extra costs of your direct mail production.

Our range is vast, comprising of thousands of different stock envelopes in a multitude of sizes, styles and material and colours. If we are unable to satisfy your requirement from our stock range then we have the facilities available to us to supply "specials", custom-made envelopes designed and produced to your specific requirement, from just a few hand-made envelopes to millions of machine produced envelopes. We also offer comprehensive printing facilities where any of our "stock" products can be printed from one colour one side to four colour both sides. The choice is endless.

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